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Lease for Life™

Be rest assured that you can own your own property despite your income

In a developing country like Nigeria basic amenities like food, shelter and clothing are rarely available at an affordable price. This is as a result of the unfavorable social, religious, political and especially economic factors that challenge the country.

Currently, the country is at its lowest economically, and sustainability seems to be the biggest challenge people face in terms of accommodation, and this is tied primarily to the general increase in the standards of living.

At Fula, we understand this rising need for people to get their dream houses and escape the hassles of paying huge sums of money on monthly or annually basis as rent. Our innovative capabilities and values have thus driven us to find a way to change the norm of the real estate market in Africa.

To this effect, Fula  has developed the

“Lease for Life™ concept”

A nouveau idea that makes luxury homes available to would be property owners at incredibly affordable prices.

This concept ensures that participants are able to lease their dream luxury apartments, condominiums etc. at up to half the current market value for decades.

“You too can own a home!”