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What We Do


Every residential structure we set up is environmental and people friendly. Our team of experts ensures that our drainage, water and sewage systems are well fixed so that all our developments are conducive to living. Our residential real estate structures offer an exhilarating lifestyle opportunity and exceptional long term investment returns potential.

As one of the country’s top home builders, Fula has an unwavering commitment to building based on consistent quality and personalized approach. To achieve this, we partner with the best engineers and contractors to build on time and on budget homes. By constantly building superior and high-calibre homes, Fula looks forward to developing quality neighbourhoods.


Apartment Buildings

Fula has luxury style apartment buildings in secure areas in Africa. Our apartment buildings show a superb choice of branding, styling, construction and finishing. Every flat in our apartment buildings is unique with special features and unique fittings.


Because we are committed to comfort and style, our condominiums feature new and contemporary designs. The condominiums are designed to allow communal sharing while granting privacy to individual owners.


Terraced Duplexes

Our terraced duplexes are designed with an exquisite style that allows for harmonious living. Every duplex has its own open courtyard and is elegantly finished.


All of our projects are planned with such careful consideration to ensure optimum quality and high standards. At Fula, we measure success by how many clients are satisfied with our properties and how many go on to refer us. So far, our commercial real estate developments have shown a great track record of success. In line with this, Fula has huge designs that will reform the scope of the African real estate.

Our commercial spaces help businesses establish a presence and set up or continue or improve their operations by providing them with classy environments in commercially coveted locations. Our clients in this category benefit from an efficient business service, an equipped and well-maintained office, high quality commercial buildings and support.


Office Complexes

We build office complexes that offer spaces to small, medium or large businesses in any of our office complexes. Our complexes are designed to accommodate affordable costs while maintaining the corporate environment necessary to attract customers.

Fula boasts of various designs of office complexes, such as those designed for modern day business operations and those designed for more conservative businesses. All of our office complexes are designed to portray prestige and class.


Although not a frequent office complex design, Fula has introduced condominium structures for office spaces. These are available for use by vendors, traders, restaurants and cafes. It offers people in this category or those operating this style of business a formal space with more prestige than a corner shop or a market stall.


For everything business related, our plazas offer a reasonable space for business activities. To ensure that our clients are satisfied, our team sees to it that the plazas are located in commercial areas of urban districts.


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